Backlinks to your site

An SEO professional will always come across a question: ‘’How many backlinks do I need to rank?’’

Search Engine Optimization mainly consists of two processes on-page and off-page. Backlinks creation is a part of off-page SEO.

Backlinks are the links created that connect one site to another. They are also called inbound links or incoming links.

For backlink creation, it is crucial to have a backlink strategy. A planned backlink creation strategy helps increase traffic to the website, improving the rank and reputation of the website.

It is vital to create links on websites that have high domain authority. Domain authority is a search engine ranking score given by Moz that predicts the rank of a website on SERPs.

In backlink creation, the other important thing is link juice

Link juice is passing the equity and reputation of one website to another.  For example, if website B takes a backlink from site A. The site A visitors will move to website B and thus how the reputation of one website will pass to another. If Website A has a higher rank, it will also help website B to rank higher.

Let us now come back to the question: number of backlinks do you need to get top position?

Backlink creation strategy will depend upon the result one wants to achieve as there can be different goals like the achievement of more traffic to the website, high rank, and some may want to target keywords.

But, here we are talking about achieving a higher rank for the website on SERP.

No one can give permanent advice to create a particular number of backlinks for getting a high rank.

To achieve a high rank, first look at the business size, its domain, address, etc. After analyzing the website, search for the direct and indirect competitors. Put more emphasis on direct competitors, look at their strategies of building links, the domains they are using, number of links they are creating.

There are many tools available on the Internet such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest, etc to study the competitor’s strategies. After studying their strategies, make your own strategies, and be one step ahead of your competitors.

One has to always keep in mind to create backlinks on the websites having a high domain authority and page authority as submissions on these types of sites helps one in getting the link juice and a high rank on search engine pages.

Backlink creation is a process that should never end as if you have stopped creating backlinks, you have given a chance to your competitors to rank high.

Also, create backlinks on new domains. One can also create niche links, competitor backlinks with general links. The creation of competitor backlinks helps a lot in getting your competitor’s traffic to your website, but make sure they are quality backlinks.

We hope you must have received an idea of the requirement of how many backlinks to rank

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