How to increase blog traffic in 2021?

Blogging is one of the crucial parts of Internet marketing. It is the best medium to share knowledge and keep visitors engaged with fascinating content.

Many people write blogs, but to have a profitable blog, one should know how to drive traffic to your website.

Some simple measures are available to increase blog traffic in 2021. Let us understand them:

Plan A Content Strategy

As per Google algorithms, content is the king, and it becomes vital to create a content strategy before executing it. There can be endless content strategies created by bloggers. In all those strategies, one thing that should be common is the usage of SEO optimized content. It will help Google crawlers in crawling and indexing.  

Before penning down the content, decide what type of content is to be created and perform proper keyword research. Select the top-performing keywords that have a high search volume so that if a user searches on SERPs it shows in top results, and by clicking on that, it becomes easy for the user to come to your blog, which results in one of the best ways to increase blog traffic.

Apply SEO Basics

The next one of the best tricks to increase blog traffic is to practice white hat SEO techniques to gain good results on SERP pages. White hat SEO is the method of SEO to increase traffic, which is decided by Google.The methods used are giving an attractive title to the blog, optimizing the blog content, internal linking of the blogs, hyperlinking the keyword, proper tagging, categorization of blogs. Also, prepare the meta title and description by utilizing relevant keywords with giving the gist of the blog. It will help in getting a user to click on SERP pages.

Insert Image, Charts, Videos

The other method by which one can gain blog traffic is by inserting relevant and attractive images, charts, and videos in between the blog paragraphs. It gives the visitors a better understanding of the topic by keeping them engaged. Many tools are available online that assist in creating images, infographics, videos, charts like Canva, Visme, Crello, Stencil, etc.

Email Traffic Generation Strategy

Email marketing has emerged as a popular marketing activity for the generation of leads. For blog traffic, the requirement is of a well-planned traffic generation strategy with email marketing. Email marketing tools should be used that can shoot emails frequently and can take follow-ups as well. The strategy can include sending an email with attractive subject lines, giving a free ebook by getting a click or conversion on the sign-up option, etc. The strategy will depend upon the business type or the products and services it holds.

Sharing on Social Media

Indexing your blog URL helps google robots to crawl.  In the same way, sharing blog URLs on social media platforms helps the bloggers in gaining traffic. Social media sharing involves posting social posts, stories, joining and posting in groups, etc. Make sure to make an attractive and engaging post before sharing, tag relevant people or businesses in your post. One can use tools such as Zoho Social, IFTTT, Buffer, which help in scheduling and automatically posting the posts on different platforms as per the day and time decided by the blogger.

Apply the above-discussed ways of how to increase blog traffic in 2021 and share your success with us by commenting below!