Intcrese traffic to your YouTube channel

Youtube is the most popular social media platform for submitting or sharing videos and engaging with users.

One has to understand Youtube algorithms before posting to get more accurate results. To increase traffic to the website, usage of youtube can give a fruitful result.

To get more leads and increase traffic on Youtube let us take a walkthrough on some of the theories:

Careful Selection Of Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first thing a user views and clicks on your video, so one has to have an awesome thumbnail image to attract the user. If your thumbnail image is click-worthy, the chance of getting more leads increases.

Youtube gives three options to choose thumbnails when one uploads a video, but if you want, you can customize it and upload one of your own.

A Great Title And Description of Video

While uploading a video, one has to put an SEO-friendly title, and, description for the video as the usage of a proper keyword in the title and description is crucial to bring our video on top of the search query. Here, one can insert a description of about 5000 characters that makes it around 800 words. 

Good Custom Background Image

Background images on your youtube channel can be created by yourself. One can also take the help of any graphic designer who can create an image to attract the users on your channel. 

Feature Your Best Video

Youtube automatically shows your recent video as featured. The people who post less on their channels can choose the video they want to get featured on their channels. Featured videos also play an important role in increasing traffic to your channel.

The procedure to add a featured video is to go to ‘’creator studios’’ settings then select ‘’featured content’’ from the left menu under the channel. After that, choose the video you want it to get featured.

Channel Tags Addition

For adding a tag go to the Youtube setting option on the My channel menu. Here, one can add tags that bring traffic to your channel leading to the generation of more leads.

Response On Comments

In social media marketing, it is vital to respond to comments and keep it interactive, which increases the user’s interest and the user feels connected. It will automatically lead to more attention, more traffic for other videos of yours as well. Also, delete and report spam comments, if any.

Recent Activity

Recent activity is like if you ever like or comment on any video, it shows your recent activity. It is a way to make youtube contacts and bring viewers to your page. Video owners may click back on your channel after you have liked or commented on their video.

Playlist Creation

Creating a playlist by bifurcating your business products, services, or your passion will make it easy for the user to find the topic as per his/her interest. 

Running Ads via Google Ads

Google Ads is the biggest platform to run ads, and one can also generate more leads by running video ads via Google Ads platform.

Surely, the above discussion on how to get more traffic on youtube will help you in getting more leads for your business.