Social Media Marketing Funnel

To build a social media marketing funnel, first, we need to understand what is a social media funnel, and before that, what exactly is a marketing funnel?

Marketing Funnel is a way through which your customer travels. It starts when your customer becomes aware of your brand or service and ends when they make a purchase.

Understanding of the marketing funnel will make it easy to understand and build a social media funnel.

Social media sales funnel phases include awareness, consideration, action, engagement, advocacy.

Different sectors like health, technology, food, etc can have their phases of social media strategy funnel to drive traffic to website.

Now, let us take a walkthrough for the detailed understanding of how to build a social media funnel in 2020 :


Awareness is the first and foremost step in the social media funnel, in which the customer is made aware of your business by videos, blogs, webinars.

Identify your customer’s problems and then give them their solution. When you answer our customer’s questions, you drive potential leads to your website.


After being aware of your product or service, users are usually in a dilemma of buying your product.

Here, the companies have to provide detailed information about their products to bring the customers into the action phase by sharing case studies and organizing webinars.


The action phase is where the customer makes a purchase, which is related to the purchase funnel as it focuses on the customer making a  purchase of a product.

Here, retargeting ads should be used to target those customers who had already made a purchase earlier or must have shown an engagement.


This phase starts once a customer has made a purchase, and now it’s the company owner’s turn to retain them as buyers of your products or services. Create good social media content that keeps them interested in making a purchase.


The last phase of a funnel is advocacy. Here, after retaining your customers, you have to make your customer your brand advocates by gathering testimonials, reviews, and rewarding them with some gifts or discounts if they share links to your products.

Above, we have learned about the path of the sales funnel. Now, we should also discuss a bit about Facebook funnel and click funnel.

Facebook Funnel

The Facebook funnel works almost in the same way. Here, appealing messages are created for users to capture their interest at different stages to lead them to make a purchase and achieve a conversion.

Click Funnel

A click funnel is a software that automates the entire sales process and gives the company owner the power to control every step of purchase made. It makes collecting leads and making sales easier.

We hope you must have enjoyed reading about social media funnel. We would love to hear your thoughts on the social media sales funnel.

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