Tips to increase traffic on website

There are many tips to increase traffic on website and a few very important ideas are described here.

Marketing is all about getting more leads, more sales, more profit.

In older times, people used to opt for traditional marketing as computers and the Internet were not there.

But, in today’s modern age where we can send any message to anyone in the world in a fraction of seconds, everything has become easy.

Digital marketing is making your brand known, driving traffic to the website, generating leads via digital platforms.

As we have got an introduction to online marketing, let us have a look at the types and tips to increase traffic on website.

There are two ways to drive traffic to website, which is an organic way and paid marketing.

For free organic traffic, mainly digital marketers opt for the following methods:

On-Page Activities

The on-page process is to optimize web pages and drive traffic to the website. It includes the creation of meta title, description, content optimization, canonical tags, sitemap, etc. By optimizing all these parameters, it helps crawlers in indexing the website.

Off-Page process –

Off-page is another aspect of search engine optimization. The creation of backlinks on various high-quality websites helps in driving traffic to our website. It includes online directory submissions, classified submissions, social bookmarking submissions, etc.

Posting on Social Media

Social Media Postings are one of the best organic ways to increase your reach to the customers and boost traffic. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are popular. Here different postings are done that can be informational, inspiring, related to some facts, celebrating national and international days, with the usage of Hashtags. Hashtags help in driving the relevant traffic.

Google My Business

Google business listings bring about seven times more traffic as compared to an incomplete one. This listing contains almost all types of information about your business.

As above, we have gone through a lot of organic methods, now let us discuss some paid traffic strategy

Google Adverts

Google Ads is one of the finest platforms provided by Google, where it gives us a facility to run different types of ads, such as search ads, display ads, video ads, app ads, smart ads, shopping ads, etc. It works on a pricing model known as PPC (Pay Per Click). The marketer is charged a certain decided amount as per the bid as the user clicks on the link.

Social Media Adverts

Social media platforms have offered a service for running different types of adverts, such as lead generation, brand awareness, etc. The reach of these platforms is higher, which automatically helps in gaining more traffic to the website.


It is one of the best methods to gain more conversions as it targets that audience who has clicked, purchased, or interacted with our website in the past. Marketers retarget and remarket them with our products and services.

These strategies are the best way to increase traffic on your website that one can use now.

We hope that we are somewhat successful in fulfilling your thirst for knowledge, and also hope that the above information will be useful for the traffic boost.